Why We're The Fastest Growing UK Designer Jewellery Brand

Why We're The Fastest Growing UK Designer Jewellery Brand

Jewellery is one of the few items in the world, which has the ability to make practically anyone smile at any given moment. 

A beautiful piece of jewellery, which speaks to you is hard to come by but a jeweller, who makes high-quality jewellery at fantastic prices and ticks all of the boxes is even more difficult.
Some jewellers have a few good qualities but it's extremely rare to offer the complete set.
Here is a list of reasons why we believe we are the fastest-growing designer jewellery brand in the UK:
  1. Our jewellery is hand-made and hand-set

    You may wonder why handmade jewellery is special but mass-produced jewellery tends to not only be as strong but also you have to remember every gemstone is a different size.

    With every gemstone being a different size and shape, using a mass-produced metal setting means the gemstone will not fit around the shape of the setting, whereas hand-made will always get a better result in these scenarios.

    After all, we know hand made cars are always much more expensive than flashy sports cars and there's a very good reason for that.

  2.  We pay our suppliers a premium and a fair living wage for the workers

    We've all heard of the biggest brands using sweatshops to maximise their profit margins but we know how tough it is to create a masterpiece with amazing attention to detail, along with the long dedication to learn a skill.

    This is why we believe our workers deserve good working conditions and a fair living wage, rather than living in poverty.

  3. We have beautiful designs, as seen in many magazines

    Have a look at our inventory and we're sure you'll agree our designs are nothing short of stunning.
    We've tried to cater towards a mixture of audiences but ultimately, we have aimed for beautiful, classic, contemporary and affluent designs, which has raised the bar with each and every batch that we receive.
    Not only have we been spotted in world-famous magazines, such as British Vogue Magazine, Tatler Magazine, Conde Nast Travellers Magazine and The Art of Luxury Magazine but we are constantly improving our designs from the feedback we receive from our customers.

    Each and every batch is better than the previous, whereas some other brands are looking at performing cost-cutting measures to save money wherever they can by reducing the quality.

    We pay great attention to detail, so we try to eradicate any potential flaws in the design process but thanks to our long experience in the industry and our expert team, we quickly improve our creative designs before making a batch.

  4. We offer fantastic promotions and offer amazing value

    Unlike other brands, we don't just offer a fantastic introductory offer and then hope to recoup money by overcharging you later on.
    We believe in offering great introductory deals to our loyal followers and keep customer retention by offering exclusive promotions and building a relationship with our fans.

    We even offer amazing Promise Rings at a great price and when you're ready to get down on one knee and pop the question, we would be happy to refund the cost of your Promise Ring when you purchase a diamond engagement ring within 12 months of your Promise Ring purchase and we believe this is part of a package we are honoured to offer to our lovely customers.

    We naturally also go above and beyond by offering bigger and better stones than our competitors, while we generally manage to offer a lower price in the process than other luxury brands, who are determined to consistently offer high quality.

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  5. We only use ethically sourced gemstones and Diamonds

    We love the planet and we believe as long as we look after our world, it will continue to look after us, along with the beautiful nature we've experienced.
    Unfortunately, we find there are some unscrupulous people who would do anything to increase their profit margins but at a cost to the rest of us.

    This is why we only use ethically sourced gemstones, Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia, which means less damage to our beloved planet and we work with people who treat their workers fairly.

    Although Cubic Zirconia isn't an expensive commodity, such as Gemstones and Diamonds, it has the least detrimental impact on our planet, so we are proud to use the best of the best stones.

  6. We use the best quality stones

    You may see some brands are cheaper than us but you will quickly find you get what you pay for, as it is extremely unlikely they will provide the same quality as we do when we build our excellent quality jewellery and the gemstones that we use.

    Even our Cubic Zirconia is amongst the best in the world because we don't like cutting corners.
    Our Gemstones are all AAA+ gemstones with vibrant colours, while our Diamonds are never commercial quality like other brands but we only use SI1 Clarity and G Colour or better.
    This costs more but we don't like using Diamonds for the sake of it, like other brands, we want it to have superior quality.

  7. We use recyclable packaging

    As we've mentioned before, we love Mother Earth, so we are fully aware of our carbon footprint and try to use a minimal negative impact on the planet.

    For this reason, we use ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds but we went one further and only use recyclable packaging, while other companies use many materials which are thrown straight in the bin and fill our landfills for future to worry about.
    Our everyday jewellery doesn't come in jewellery boxes/cases, as research shows once the occasion is over, it is thrown in the bin...literally what a waste.

    On the other hand, we have noticed pouches are generally kept because they're flexible, not bulky and easy to store multiple items, whereas a ring box can only store one ring at a time and aren't recyclable.
    This is why we went surpassed expectations to create a large supersoft luxury branded pouch, which means everyone keeps and reuses our pouches beyond the most expensive ring box.
  8. We only use precious metals

    You may come across some high street brands, who are cheaper but you'll quickly find you get what you pay for when the jewellery doesn't last more than a few wearings or your skin turns green or it activates allergy issues.

    We never use cheap materials, such as Copper and Brass as a base metal, other than when we mix Copper with gold to turn it into the beautiful 18k Rose Gold.
    We only use precious metals, such as Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Sterling Silver but with the latter, we will include a super thick coating of 18k Gold and apply an e-coat to give it a very long-lasting look and feel.

  9. We make sure to factor in allergy control

    You may find some local high street brands sell pretty jewellery but they don't care about your wellbeing, therefore they use cheap materials, which causes allergies.
    We make sure we factor this in, which is why our jewellery won't make your finger turn green, nor will it irritate your skin because we only use trusted suppliers and built a relationship in order to ensure our jewellery is exactly what it's supposed to be with no harmful materials used in the process.

  10. We are very transparent with our jewellery

    You may have noticed our descriptions are more detailed than other brands, while some brands even provide one-liners and you have no idea what you're buying until it's too late.

    We on the other hand always provide detailed descriptions where we can, providing detail on the precious metals used, the stone contents, size, quality, weight etc.
    Sometimes we even like to mention the believed health benefits and birthstones, just to add good measure and keep you in the loop.

  11. We offer a personal assistant shopper

    This is a fantastic feature and truly loved by our fans. While many websites leave you to your own devices, we have helped many customers pick the best possible suggestion based on your requirements.
    We appreciate not everyone is a jewellery expert or a fashionista, so we are more than happy to help and don't push the products, which doesn't sell as fast either.

    We will always be impartial and try our very best to make you happy.

  12. We have a wonderful customer service team

    Our team are constantly praised by our customers. It's inevitable not everything will be smooth each and every time (although we do our very best) but our customers regularly praise us for the way we deal with our sales, before, during and after-sale service.
    After all, a happy customer will keep coming back again and again and we find a lot of our customers have come back many times and bought gifts for their loved ones, which is a testament to our wonderful designs, quality and pricing.

    We hope you enjoyed reading about our many reasons why we're the fastest-growing UK designer Jewellery brand and hope you will be part of the famous InfinityXinfinity family.