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9 First Gift Ideas

9 First Gift Ideas
Okay, the relationship is going well and now's the time to buy the first gift.

Cloud 9 feels great and you're flying smooth, but if you get the wrong gift then you might experience a bit of turbulence. We've got a list of items to help you avoid stormy weather and if you have anymore questions, then our support team is on-hand to answer any questions.
  1.  The moonstone statement ring:

    This ring has been spotted everywhere. From Conde Nast to The Art of Luxury to British Vogue.
    The ring, which has been hailed as the ultimate engagement ring is available as part of an every day casual wear.

  2. Halo Promise Ring:

    For those who believe in bigger is better, this is the one for you. With a large centre stone and a large dazzling halo of elite-quality Cubic Zirconia with a centre piece measuring over 11mm, it's a ring, which is impossible to miss.
    Suitable for a promise ring or just something to make anyone stand out.

  3. 2-in-1 Halo Stud Earrings:
    The safe bet, as everyone loves earrings and these can be worn as classic sparkling studs or add the halo jacket to turn this into a sophisticated pair of earrings with dazzling effects.

  4. Halo Heart Earrings:

    If anything can be described as cute, yet dazzling in the same sentence, this is the one!
    With a perfect Heart Cut, surrounded by large elite-quality Cubic Zirconia, this is impossible to avoid compliments and a real fans favourite.

  5. Opal Ring:

    Opal's are renowned for being one of the most spectacular gemstones ever. With amazing fire showcasing vibrant reds, greens and a plethora of other magical colours appearing from nowhere, it is easy to see why many people are turning to Opal Rings as an engagement ring.
    This very high-quality Opal is seen in many expensive engagement rings, so be warned, you may find yourself gazing at the colours longer than intended during a busy day, slowly transcending to cloud 9.

  6. Princess Bracelet:

    Available in 18k Yellow or Rose Gold Vermeil, this bracelet has become a fans favourite, as a very neutral gift without worrying if it'll fit.
    Interesting fact, did you know Amethyst were highly revered by the ancient Pharos and were actually more valuable than Diamonds?

    The beautiful Amethyst stone offers a real relaxing feel for anyone who enjoys softer tones, while the 18K Rose gold Vermeil adds even more tranquility or alternatively, the yellow gold equivalent will be a more bold look.

  7. Princess Halo Necklace:

    The complimenting necklace has been so popular. This is arguably the most beautiful necklace you will find in 2021.

  8. The Universe Ring:

    The moment you see this ring, you may wonder what's going on but you'll soon feel the energy and amazing colours beaming from this ring.
    Also available in 18K Rose Gold Vermeil or 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil necklace equivalent.

  9. The world Famous World Ring:

    This ring was first spotted in Conde Nast Travellers Magazine, as it caught the attention of fashionistas around the world and was part of InfinityXinfinity's rise.

    Also available the World Ring 2.0 and the extra large version, for those who want to make sure the whole world can see the world ring.

Although we have shared a Cloud 9 list with you, there are a few honourable mentions, we couldn't leave behind, so make sure you checkout these gorgeous items, which deserves to be on every night stand:

  1. The Enchanted Ring:

    Arguably, one of the most magical rings you will ever come across. Rainbow colours appear from nowhere, as soon as it comes in contact with natural lights.
    A ring perfect for a fairytale and sure to become part of future engagement rings.


    The Sunset Sparkles Bracelet is like no other. A stone reminiscent of the most romantic feature in the world, a beautiful sunset.
    Although the stone reminds us of a sunset, it sparkles, as if twinkling stars are brimming through this stone, absolutely gorgeous throughout a wonderful Hexagon.
    Complimented by 18k Rose Gold Vermeil setting in a lobstar clasp Bracelet.  


    These stud earrings are known to cause a stir.
    With a beautiful large Rose Quartz Centre stone, surrounded by a halo of White Topaz, set in 18k Rose Gold Vermeil, we believe this is arguably one of the best stud earrings in the world.

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