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Birthstone Information and Healing

Do Gemstones Offer Health Benefits?

Many people ask questions about the health benefits of Gemstones and many people believe it does help with Anxiety and Depression in particular, as well as Love, Balance and Positive Energy.

You may have noticed there is a huge upsurge in Health Spas and New Age Clinic’s incorporating gemstones as part of their message techniques and Reiki, as even holding these gemstones gives you a different feeling.
Some people instantly feel connected to the gemstone, as some experts believe you should let the gemstone choose you, rather than the other way around.

Of course, Gemstones also has a natural beauty, so there’s nothing wrong with choosing a gemstone based on its physical attributes, after all, InfinityXinfinity strategically chooses gemstones with great colour, quality and positive health benefits.

Some stones have benefits, such as helping with Anxiety and Depression, whereas others help with attracting positive energies from the universe or even helping to find/heal in love.

Here is a list of health benefits from our chosen gemstones:

Rose Quartz:
This is believed to be one of the best and most popular gemstones at the moment, as the crystal is widely used in many health spas to heal.
This is a very calming gemstone and contains a gentle soothing energy, which can heal heartache, as well as repair and invites positive love from others around you, whether it’s friends or family or a potential partner.

Rose Quartz is also referred to as “The Heart Stone” as it is connects to your Heart Chakra and it is believed keeping this stone close to your heart will attract kind hearted souls.

Rose Quartz is the birthstone for those born in January but can be worn by anyone.


About the Moonstone:
Rainbow Moonstone adopted the name because of the colour of the Moon but this special gemstone also includes the reflective colours of the rainbow, depending on the lighting and background.
The Rainbow Moonstone brings calmness, balance and tranquility to your life and many believe the special gemstone helps fertility.

Rainbow Moonstone is the birthstone for those born in June but can be worn by anyone.



About Green Onyx:
Oynx has a gorgeous green hue with people comparing with the highly desirable Green Emerald gemstone.
Oynx is connected to your heart Chakra and the stone is believed to promote intellectualism, strengthen friendship bonds and brings balance to your life.

Green Onyx is the birthstone for those born in May but can be worn by anyone.



About Turquoise: 
Turquoise has a beautiful tranquil colour, reminiscent of the Maldivian Ocean and bringing calmness to your life.
The stone is believed to promote good fortune, happiness, and a long life.

Turquoise is the birthstone for those born in December and can be worn by anyone.





About Titanium Druzy: 
Titanium Druzy is a beautiful natural Gemstone, which has been coated for extra sparkle and protection.
It’s form in Blue reminisces of sparkling stars in the night blue sky, while the Rose Druzy looks like the bubbles bubbles in a glass of Rose Champagne.
The stone is believed to energise your existing stones to enhance it’s natural strength, so this is a complimenting stone to maximise the power.
Wearing Druzy is believed to promote relaxation and stress relief, as well as help the immune and reproductive system.

Titanium Druzy is the birthstone for those born in October but can be worn by anyone.

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