Eclipse Necklace/18K Yellow Gold & Rainbow Moonstone - InfinityXInfinity


Please checkout our sizing guide to find your perfect ring, bracelet and necklace size.


The beauty about our rings is they don't have to be worn on the wedding finger, so they can literally be worn on any finger or even thumb and some people prefer a looser fit, rather than a tight fit.

Please see below to get an idea of sizing, as it's labelled loose to snug.

Our Sizing UK Sizing US Sizing EU Sizing
Small (S) J-L 5-6 51 1/2
 Medium (M) L-N 6-7 54
Large (L) N-P 7-8 56 1/2



Our Necklaces are typically 18" and we offer an additional 2" adjustable feature, so you can wear your stunning necklace higher lower on your chest, depending on your outfit to make you look extra fabulous.

This is perfect for a low V or open neckline outfits.

We also know layering necklaces is a beautiful thing, so in the future, we will be introducing shorter and longer necklaces to compliment your look but in the mean time, enjoy the adjustable feature.


Our Vermeil Gold Bracelets are typically 7.5 inches and come with an adjustable 2" extension.
Our Premium White Gold plated Bracelets are approximately 6" also with a 2" adjustable extension.