Eclipse Necklace/18K Yellow Gold & Rainbow Moonstone - InfinityXInfinity

About Us

Our Vision, Your Style:   
At InfinityXinfinity, we believe in looking good and feeling even better, which is why we love making you feel loved.
We've seen so many high street brands, who offer machine made jewellery, made by machines, for humans but we believe hand made jewellery are for real people.
Each jewellery design should be made in limited quantities, so you know your masterpiece is unique and displays your own personality and not everyone else's.

 This is why we are on a mission to make you feel unique with our beautiful designs and offering jewellery at a fraction of the price of high street brands.
"High Quality Jewellery Should Be An Expression Of Yourself, Not Everyone Else."
Who We Are: 

We are a luxury London based designer brand, who creates hand made beautiful designs by expert artisans.
With a passion for jewellery from a young age and seeing the effect a piece of jewellery has on someone, we have always been fascinated on how someone can truly cherish a piece of jewellery.
With an eye for detail, I have personally helped many people select the best engagement ring for their wife to be.
I have seen the happiness this causes, the look on someone's face in sheer shock, the tears streaming down their cheeks and the hordes of social media posts sharing the happiness from a piece of jewellery and what this symbolises.
As this became more and more frequent, it became an addiction to seeing joy from loved ones, as well as strangers...Everyone feels the magic when they gaze at a proposal and everyone remembers how they heard those 4 magical words. 
After travelling the world, we came across many people who loved jewellery but as times are changing, budgets couldn't keep up with the rising costs of diamond jewellery and coloured gemstones were adored by many.
Having visited Bali, you can't help but feel inspired and feeling one with nature. 
The people are so happy, despite having very little but having huge hearts and an even bigger smile.
So many pieces of jewellery are handcrafted in India with the easy access of beautiful coloured gemstones and healing can't help but become inspired about potential avenues after finding ones self.

"It has long been a dream to share infinite happiness and with InfinityXinfinity, we believe we are sharing happiness for eternity."
Authentic Gemstones 

Whether we are working with semi precious coloured gemstones or Cubic Zirconia (only in premium white gold coated products), we always source the best.
The natural semi precious gemstones are carefully hand selected and any we deem as not meeting our own standards are rejected and re-made from scratch.

The gemstones are always natural and ethically sourced, which is believed to have many health benefits, as well as healing powers for the body and mind.
Checkout our Birthstone Information and Healing (INSERT LINK) for more information.

"We Work Closely With Suppliers For High Quality Gemstones, So You Can Just Smile At The Brilliance." 

The Best CZ:

We are aware some people don't want coloured gemstones or even natural gemstones, while we feel CZ offers the best sparkle for premium white gold coated products.
The CZ is made from the finest AAA+ 10 Hearts and Arrows CZ, giving that supreme shine to make the white metal jewellery look simply magic.
"CZ Were Made to Shine, Which Is Why Ours Shines More Than The Standard CZ."
We Need You
As we are at the early stages of a long journey, we need you to spread the word. 
Our Success is your joy because the more people who hear about our jewellery,
the more we can create and pass on the savings to you.
All of our early stage customers
will be looked after & given exclusive discounts because we won't forget where we started.

"Our Success Is Your Gain"