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What Makes Our Premium 18k White Gold Coating Better Than Others?

You may be wondering what makes our Premium White Gold Coated Jewellery more special than other retailers and that's a good question.
There are quite a few reasons!
We ONLY use Precious Metals
1) Many high street brands use non precious metals, such as Brass or Copper, which can/will turn your finger green.
It's rare to use white gold coating over sterling silver but we custom make this because we are aware many people prefer long lasting fashion jewellery and after all, Sterling Silver is so much nicer!
We ONLY Use Extra Thick 18k Gold Coating
2) Most white gold plated jewellery is either flash plated, which is a big no no, so your purchase wouldn't last more than a few nights out or if you're lucky, it's set at the minimum standard of 0.175 microns.
This is less than half the thickness of a hair strand!
As we use our hands for practically everything, our coating is an extra thick 1 full micron for Rings, which means your ring is up to 6 times thicker than most gold plating, giving a very long lasting item!
Our other Premium White Gold Coated items (Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets) use 0.50 microns, which is 3x thicker than the standard thickness but this should have the same life span as a thicker plated ring, due to less usage and sweat.
We also use 18k white gold, whereas others may cut corners and may be using a lower gold purity, such as 9k or 14k plating.
Extra Protection For Your Jewellery
3) We also apply a thick E-Coat to protect the jewellery even further, which means your gold will last even longer with added protection, whereas others may not apply any protection at all.
We Only Use The Best Stones
4) Pure white stones are always the best match for white gold, as the shine is supreme because the reflective light bounces through the crystal clear stone without the stone adopting the background colours.
If you use white stones set in Yellow/Rose Gold, then you may find the stones look a little darker because of the metal setting behind the stone, hence the reason why White Gold Engagement Rings became the most popular choice towards the end of the 20th century.

As high quality Diamonds are very expensive, we decided to use Cubic Zirconia, which would give the same high quality as the very best diamonds without the price tag.
We didn't just any CZ but the very best, giving a supreme shine with perfect symmetry throughout.
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