Copper Turquoise Ring/18k Yellow Gold Vermeil in Copper Turquoise


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The World Ring was such a roaring success after it was seen in Conde Nast Travellers Magazine and CNtraveller, we decided to tweak the design a little bit with some more natural features, as well as make it even more sturdy.

First of all, instead of a golden copper cover, we decided to give it more of a natural look, which gives the gemstone a unique feel.
We also decided a deeper turquoise colour would give the gemstone more of a European/Mediterranean ocean feel.

The biggest enhancement is rather than providing an open back design, we decided to create a curved back cover to protect the gemstone and avoid collecting dirt while thinking of supreme comfort.
This adds a higher level of luxury and weighs nearly 30% more than The World Ring.

The Copper Turquoise ring is simply stunning with each and every stone looking slightly different, giving it a unique look and feel.
No ring 2 rings are the same!

We like to call this The World Ring because you guessed, it, it looks like the whole wide world in the palm of your hand...or should I say on the back of your finger? 

This mesmerising statement piece is set in 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil and is guaranteed to catch the attention of your friends and family.

This Copper Turquoise Ring is absolutely beautiful, whether you pair it with a V-ring or wear it on its own, it'll be noticed from afar.
We would highly recommend this ring to be partnered with the V-ring, as they are a match made in heaven.

This ring is a statement piece and will be the envy of all of your friends. 

Copper Turquoise:
The beauty of Copper Turquoise gemstone is difficult to match with a real sense of a captivating stone.
This is one of the most unique gemstones today but despite its recent rise in popularity, it has always been known as the gemstone of life and beauty, which brings good fortune.

In ancient times, it was hailed as the stone of communication and brings undiscovered artistic abilities to light, while encouraging enthusiasm, which is why this gemstone is the perfect gemstone in a jewellery accessory.

The Copper lines attract energy to those who wear it but combined with Turquoise, it serves as a powerful talisman with healing properties.
It's believed it improves the overall strength of the human body and mind.

It is also believed Copper Turquoise keeps you in connection with the spiritual world and psychic sensitivity. The gemstone acquires characteristics of whoever wears the accessory in a very personal relationship, therefore it's a symbol of friendship and brings peace into the home. 

Copper Turquoise is the birthstone for those born in December but can be worn by anyone.

(All measurements are approximate)

The Centre Stone: Varies from 12mm-10mm
Stone: Copper Turquoise
Metal: 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil.
Weight: 3.8 Grams

Presented in a beautiful super-soft microfibre pouch with a free matching super-soft microfibre cleaning cloth.

About Our Jewellery:
* Meticulously handcrafted from precious metals, our allergy-free jewellery showcases unparalleled craftsmanship.
* Adorned with prestigious accolades, our designer jewellery collection stands as a testament to its multi-award-winning excellence.
* Imbued with opulence, our pieces boast a lavish 18k Gold coating of unparalleled thickness, elegantly encasing the finest solid Sterling Silver.
* In our commitment to environmental stewardship, each purchase contributes to the noble cause of reforestation, as we plant a tree and contribute to the betterment of our planet.

What is Gold Vermeil?
"Gold Vermeil" means that our jewellery is made from sterling silver base metal and is then coated with an extra thick gold coating, up to 30x traditional gold plating methods, along with an additional protective layer. 

This coating may wear off over time, therefore we would highly recommend to remove your jewellery when washing your hands and showering to ensure the longest life possible.

Presented in a beautiful Supersoft Microfibre Pouch with a free matching Supersoft Microfibre Cleaning Cloth. 

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