Night Sky Studs/18k Yellow Gold in Blue Titanium Druzy


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The Night Sky studs are a limited edition design and simply a stunner.

It sparkles like stars in the deep blue night sky, so every time you move, it looks like you're part of a fascinating light show.

The stunning Night Blue-sky Titanium Druzy studs look like glistening stars in the sky. Some people even like to refer to these studs as the "glitter studs" because it simply glistens with every movement.

These earrings are a statement piece and will be the envy of all of your friends.

Please note due to the delicate material of this Druzy gemstone and the protective coating please do not expose it to any water and cleaning materials. Please take off jewellery before washing hands, bathing/showering or any recreational sporting activities including the gym. For further details please check out the care instructions on our website.

We also have these studs in Sunset Sparkles set in 18k Rose Gold Vermeil

About Titanium Druzy: 
Titanium Druzy is a beautiful natural Gemstone, which has been coated for extra sparkle and protection.
Its form in Blue reminisces of sparkling stars in the night-blue sky, while the Rose Druzy looks like the bubbles in a glass of Rose Champagne.
The stone is believed to energise your existing stones to enhance its natural strength, so this is a complimenting stone to maximise the power.
Wearing Druzy is believed to promote relaxation and stress relief, as well as help the immune and reproductive system.

Titanium Druzy is the birthstone for those born in October but can be worn by anyone.

Approximate Specifications: All measurements are approximate. 
The Centre Stone: 8mm (stud approx 9.2mm)
Stone: Sunset Sparkles Titanium Druzy
The shape of stone: Round
Metal: 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil.
Weight: 2.1 Grams.

About Our Jewellery:
* Meticulously handcrafted from precious metals, our allergy-free jewellery showcases unparalleled craftsmanship.
* Adorned with prestigious accolades, our designer jewellery collection stands as a testament to its multi-award-winning excellence.
* Imbued with opulence, our pieces boast a lavish 18k Gold coating of unparalleled thickness, elegantly encasing the finest solid Sterling Silver.
* In our commitment to environmental stewardship, each purchase contributes to the noble cause of reforestation, as we plant a tree and contribute to the betterment of our planet.

What is Gold Vermeil?
"Gold Vermeil" means that our jewellery is made from sterling silver base metal and is then coated with an extra thick gold coating, up to 30x traditional gold plating methods, along with an additional protective layer. 

This coating may wear off over time, therefore we would highly recommend to remove your jewellery when washing your hands and showering to ensure the longest life possible.

Presented in a beautiful Supersoft Microfibre Pouch with a free matching Supersoft Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

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