Eclipse Necklace/18K Yellow Gold & Rainbow Moonstone - InfinityXInfinity

Reasons to buy from Us


1) Best authentic gemstones

Every piece is handpicked. We understand natural gemstones come in various quality but we treat our jewellery at the standards we would like for ourselves. For this reason, we are very critical, and nothing passes our inspection process if we wouldn’t be happy ourselves.
Our Semi Precious Gemstones are all authentic and beautiful.

2) Long lasting

Fashion jewellery typically tends to last a matter of months or a only few nights out, whereas vermeil typically lasts for years with every day use because we only use precious metals, rather than cheap brass or copper.

3) Out of this world designs

We don’t like to toot our own horn but we have been told our designs are nothing short of spectacular and every piece actually looks better than the picture.
We love hearing the pictures doesn’t do our designs justice because this means you’ll be in heaven when you wear your designer piece.

4) High quality

We know you want and expect high quality, while buying the best fashion jewellery but unfortunately a cheap price and fashion jewellery isn’t something which you expect to last very long, until now.
Each piece is carefully inspected and crafted in the highest standards. We pay a premium to make sure we receive the highest quality and further inspections are carried out, which doesn’t just apply for the craftsmanship but also the gemstones and CZ.

5) Hand made

Machine made jewellery keeps costs down but we know the quality is never quite as good or as unique.
Our jewellery is hand made and each stone is hand set, making each piece slightly different.

This means your jewellery will last longer and look even more stunning. Even our cleaning clothes are made from premium super soft micro fibre, so you don’t have to use anything less than the best.

6) Alternative to solid gold while only using precious metals

Solid Gold prices have skyrocketed in recent years, especially in jewellery but as prices increase and every girl loves to rotate their jewellery, depending on the occasion, outfit or mood, buying many pieces of solid gold jewellery could mean each of your beloved accessories can cost £1,000’s per piece, whereas 18k Gold Vermeil or Premium plated White Gold look just as good and has a precious metal base (sterling silver).
Why spend £1000’s on each piece, when you can have a different piece for every day of the week and have money left over?

Many women have expressed they prefer wearing fashion jewellery when abroad, in case they lose their engagement ring or a family heirloom.

7) Celebrities Wear Gold Vermeil Jewellery

People believe beautiful Jewellery is for the super wealthy but many superstar celebrities have been seen wearing Gold Vermeil Jewellery to important occasions, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Rita Ora, Madonna, Kate Winslet and even the British Royal Family to name a few.

8) On trend

Our designs are very modern and we might be a little biased but we believe every piece is special, just like our customers, which is why we believe we have the best selection of jewellery in the world.

9) Health Benefits

Our gemstones may look beautiful but there’s more to gemstones than meets the eye.
It may seem unbelievable but semi precious gemstones are widely believed to have many health benefits from Anxiety/depression to insomnia and healing heartbreak but there are also gemstones, which helps promote balanced energy and creativity.

10) Ethically Sourced

We understand the importance of ethically sourcing beautiful gemstones and precious metals, which is why we make sure we only purchase from suppliers, who have the same ethos and morals, as ourselves.
We love mother Earth, so it’s up to us to make sure to make sure everything is sustainable for a brighter future.

11) Best Gifts to Show Appreciation or Apologise

What better way to show your appreciation or in some cases, apologise (oops) than giving a piece of jewellery?
We know the best gifts come in small packages, that’s because jewellery is small and personal, yet it’s an item, which is noticed instantly by friends/family and attracts compliments like no other item.
Jewellery has the power to make you feel happy and makes you feel appreciated, while expressing your personality.

12) Gemstone Jewellery Compliments Any Outfit For All Occasion

As beautiful as diamonds are, sometimes it can feel a little overkill to wear sparkly diamonds and let’s face it, a bit of colour compliments your make up, dress, shoes or even your nails.

As Semi Precious Gemstones aren’t as expensive as diamonds, research shows people feel more comfortable wearing our accessories for any occasion.