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This is where we stock all of our Handmade Rings.
Feel free to browse some of best stock, whether it's 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil, 18k Rose Gold Vermeil or simply our 18k White Gold Premium Coated Jewellery.

Our Stones:
We only use the highest quality gems or CZ, where specified.
We have instructed our manufacturers to use AAA natural Gemstones, which has been hand selected to the highest standards.
You will find this in all of our 18k Gold Vermeil range.

Our 18k Premium Coated White Gold Range uses the highest quality Cubic Zirconia to give you that extra sparkle. 
We are using Hearts & Arrows AAA Cubic Zirconia, which means it is the highest quality cut in perfect symmetry to give a shine like no other.
Our Metals:

Our Premium Coating is considered as premium because not only do we use extra thick gold coating with an additional protective layer but we also have used a precious metal by avoiding coating on Copper/Brass, so we have only coated over Solid Sterling Silver.

The recommended thickness of plating is 0.175 microns but we came across many manufacturers, who either flash plate (instantly rubs off) or uses 0.002 - 0.003 microns of plating on top of cheap base metals, which is generally used for low quality fashion jewellery and gives the industry a bad name.

We do the opposite. We would rather spend more money and make sure you receive a higher quality product.
Our base metal are always Sterling Silver, which is a durable metal and kind on the skin.
We use 1 micron of 18k White gold coating with an additional protective layer on all White Gold Rings and 0.5 microns on all other white Gold Jewellery, meaning your jewellery will last much longer than traditional high street jewellery.
We will consider even thicker coating in the near future.

What Is Vermeil:
Our 18k Yellow and Rose Gold Vermeil Jewellery is constructed in the same manner as the above but as industry standards stipulate, we use a minimum of 2.5 microns to protect the jewellery for longer, as well as an additional protective layer.
This is of course constructed on Sterling Silver.