Eternal Circle Bracelet/18K White Gold & Premium Cubic Zirconia


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The Eternal Circle Bracelet is truly unique with large dazzling stones on the front and beautiful luxury engraving on the back, making this a unique double-sided bracelet.

The channel-set circle gleams with a beautiful 18k white gold finish with beautiful premium Cubic Zirconia of the same quality as the finest symmetrical diamonds.

A substantial centrepiece with 22 premium stones of approximately 1-carat channel set to complete the dazzling look attachment of a 16+4cm adjustable chain in a lobster clasp, finished with a coin carrying our logo.

This bracelet is everything you want in a fashion accessory. Elegance, dazzle and unparalleled value.

The Hearts and Arrows stones bring that extra sparkle and class to this already beautiful design, so no matter where you may be, you will be noticed.

About the Hearts and Arrows Cubic Zirconia:
We have only used the highest quality Brilliant Round Cut 10 Hearts and Arrows AAA Cubic Zirconia in our white gold Jewellery range.
This gives a premium shine to your jewellery with perfect symmetry, as it's the highest grade of cut (Ideal Cut). 

Every facet is carefully aligned with precision when combined with proportions to produce an incredibly brilliant sight, which is attractive to perfectionists, who demand brilliance and fire in their sparkle.

The Hearts and Arrows AAA Cubic Zirconia are lab-created, so they aren't part of the birthstone group.  

Approximate Specifications:
Size of Pendant 18mm.
Length of Bracelet: 16cm + 4cm adjustable chain.
Stone: 10 Hearts and Arrows AAA Cubic Zirconia.
Side stones: 2mm.
Number of Stones: 22 stones. 
Metal: 18k White Gold Premium Coated on Solid Sterling Silver.
Approx Weight: 4 grams.

About Our Jewellery:
* Meticulously handcrafted from precious metals, our allergy-free jewellery showcases unparalleled craftsmanship.
* Adorned with prestigious accolades, our designer jewellery collection stands as a testament to its multi-award-winning excellence.
* Imbued with opulence, our pieces boast a lavish 18k Gold coating of unparalleled thickness, elegantly encasing the finest solid Sterling Silver.
* In our commitment to environmental stewardship, each purchase contributes to the noble cause of reforestation, as we plant a tree and contribute to the betterment of our planet.

What is Extra Thick Gold Coating on Sterling Silver?
Our White Gold coating is more special than traditional fashion jewellery.
Rather than a thin gold plating or flash plating on Copper/Brass, which turns green or black within a very short time, we've created our jewellery only with precious metals.

We've created the base with Solid Sterling Silver, then added a protective layer of Palladium to prevent the metals from enthusing.
On top of this, we have coated the ring with up to 6x thicker Gold plating than the recommended amount and then applied an additional coating to protect the gold for a long-lasting effect.

This plating may wear off over time, therefore we would highly recommend removing your jewellery when washing your hands and showering to ensure the longest life possible.

Presented in a beautiful Supersoft Microfibre Pouch with a free matching Supersoft Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.

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